EvanNot much need be said of my early childhood. I was born to two loving, Christian parents as the hair-band metal whines and shouts of “I want my MTV!” were just beginning. I spent much of my toddler years learning to read and sing at my mother’s feet while my father toiled endlessly to bring home what little money we had, in the heart of the Mississippi delta region. When I was 11, we moved to what seemed to me to be another world, but in reality was only Gainesville, GA. It was here that I started actually growing up.

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Philosophy of Ministry

As I interact with other Christians, particularly those going through college at William Carey University, I have noticed that it is typical to hear the caveat, “now I’m no theologian,” when discussing scripture. The peculiarity of the expression caused me to inquire deeper into what people meant by it, and I discovered that, even among those going to school for theology in preparation for ministry, most expressed a discomfort with their thoughts or conclusions being taken seriously. As I dug deeper, this discomfort stems in nearly all cases from a basic unfamiliarity with scripture and therefore a lack of confidence in their ideas of who God is. Even though most have been a part of the church for decades and participated in Bible study for most of that time, they still lack that basic confidence in who they worship.

As you can imagine, this has shaped my vision of God’s calling for me in ministry. My ministry objectives written above should give some hint as to the nature of that vision. My mission, to be executed faithfully the remaining years of my life, is to initiate, facilitate and drive the communication of the Gospel[1], in its entirety and without amendment[2]. My target audience includes the lost and Christians alike[3], and my personal goal in this endeavor is that no person God’s ministry through me touches can honestly say they have not heard or read about God as He communicates Himself in the Bible[4].

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